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Steady growth: Online-Audio-Monitor Germany 2021 released

Online Audio Monitor (OAM) Germany was just released (Sept 2021). See the main headlines here.

2/3 of population uses online audio

In Germany 45 Mio people (age 14+)  in Germany regularly consume online audio offerings. This is two third of Germanys population (age 14+).

5,3% growth

Compared to 2020 this is an increase of 2,3 Mio or 5,3%.Most common are:
60,1% Music Streaming
53,3% Webradio

Highest growth: Podcasts

Podcast are listened to by 20,9 Mio Germans (age 14+), a massive increase of 3,6 Mio or 21% compared to 2020.

See the full research and details (in german) here:

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