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AVM – Audio Video Manufacturer integrates airable

Since 1986 people at AVM are developing and manufacturing electronic equipment for highest-quality music reproduction. To meet this goal AVM manufactures all components in its own plant and has the know-how to do so in house.
AVM as well stands for ease of use and offers cutting edge technology at best value for money for its customers.

At the HighEnd show 2015 in Munich, AVM introduces their INSPIRATION and EVOLUTION streaming products with internet radio and on demand shows – licensed by airable -. Integrating the airable service adds more than 20.000 radio stations and more than 20.000 on demand shows to the AVM audio equipment. Furthermore, the airable technologies connect AVM products to HiFi streaming music services like TIDAL.

“airable technology gives us the quality and flexibility we need to always provide great streaming service and content” says Udo Besser, owner and managing director of AVM. Internet media made available can be browsed and controlled by the AVM RC S App or the RC 9 remote control with color display. The Software update to impelement airable into AVM products will be available in the market during June 2015.

Heiko Meertz of airable: “AVM and airable have combined their skills from the high end audio and internet media teams to open the door to great web-content and music services. We’re excited to see this great hardware using airable technology at the high end show.”

AVM is exhibiting these quality products and the airable service Munich from May 14 to 17 at Atrium 4, Room E105.

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