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Stream Unlimited embeds airable.API

StreamUnlimited Engineering GmbH and and Tune In GmbH have agreed to embed the airable internet media services and airable.API.

airable.API is an interface technology that allows StreamUnlimited’s platform StreamSDK to access different music platforms, audio services and thousands of worldwide internet radio stations and podcasts. In addition to the Tune In radio and podcast catalogues, services like Deezer, Tidal, audioBoom and others that can be made available.

Economy of Scale and Time to Market

The key advantage of airable.API for StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK and its customers is that that it allows flexible and fast integration of radio, podcasts and music services through just one interface, saving the efforts in implementation and maintenance of many different individual service APIs.
Standardized processes and validation procedures reduce time to market for new products and updated of existing ones.
The portfolio offered on connected audio products is customizable.

StreamUnlimited embeds airable.API

Growth in Market Size and Consumers Expectations

The market for Wi-Fi connected audio devices is expected to grow continuously in the next years. Consumers will expect to access their favourite music and audio service on connected devices. A growing number of HiFi and consumer audio brands will include airable.API in their devices. The integration of the airable.API enables StreamUnlimited to address this market directly and in a flexible, scalable manner.

Best in Class Radio and Podcast Catalogue

Stations and podcasts from all over the world and of any genre. StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK gets access to stations from all over the world, of any radio genre or music style. The station catalogue is maintained and kept up-to-date by Tune In editors in the offices in Europe and the US.

Door to Internet Content

Frits Wittgrefe, CEO of Stream Unlimited: “The airable.API is our door to many different sources of internet media. The integration of the API to our systems went smooth and was well supported by the Tune In teams”.

“We are excited to see the airable.API integrated into StreamUnlimited’s StreamSDK. This gives streaming audio and multi-room audio makers a reliable and flexible solution to access media from the internet.”

About StreamSDK;

StreamSDK from StreamUnlimited is a reliable and innovative software solution that transports any streaming audio functionality to multiple various consumer electronics devices including radio services, UPnP/DLNA, Google Cast, USB, high resolution audio, BT, wireless and Ethernet, graphical user interface, Android and Apple iOS. Additionally, the StreamSDK includes multi-room functionality with synchronization below two microseconds. StreamSDK is portable to various classes of silicon and includes ready-to-use hardware modules, StreamVienna, varying from the low-cost Stream780 to the high-end Stream820.

About StreamUnlimited:

Founded in 2005, the StreamUnlimited team originated from the 25 engineers that comprised the former Philips Audio Video Innovation Center in Vienna. In the past 10 years StreamUnlimited has built up its own IP, and has tripled its size. Privately-owned StreamUnlimited is now the world’s leading supplier of software solutions and modules for connected audio products. Partnering with all major semiconductor companies and technology providers in the consumer electronics channel, StreamUnlimited works with high-end audio, CEDIA-channel and premium and mainstream consumer electronics manufacturers located in the USA, Japan, China and Europe. For more details, visit

Download the press release as PDF here.

Further Information:

Media contacts:

Christoph Müllers,, Tel: +49 2839-­‐5683130

airable – Tune In GmbH

Am Treppchen 2
41334 Nettetal

StreamUnlimited Engineering GmbH:

About airable:

The interconnectedness of our world is changing the way we consume media. We decide for ourselves how, when and where we want to listen radio shows or watch TV shows and consume any kind of media – regardless of time and place. airable – Tune In knows webradio stations , TV shows, podcasts, video- audio shows, and any media. The airable catalogues with its countless media sources from around the world facilitates this kind of on-demand self-service. Curators and editors suggestions, intelligent sorting, search functions and recommender systems track down radio stations, shows, content, topics and other interesting things. Consumers access the airable catalogues and services via devices of exclusive consumer electronics manufacturers and apps. airable – Tune In GmbH was founded in 2010 and has offices in Germany and US.

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